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Belt-Load - Weighing system for conveyor belts

Fits every size of conveyor belt
The modular system is versatile and fits all different belt widths.
It is easy to install and to calibrate
The system is easy to install on nearly every stationary or mobile conveyor system.
Simple calibration is performed by using static test weights.
The accuracy of a single roller version is + 0.5%, and a double roller version 0.25%. The accuracy is based on a load capacity of 25 - 100%.
Lower belt loads will result in lower accuracy.
Weather protected electronics

The Belt load computing box is weatherproof and withstands spray directly on the box.
The mouse unit, needed for programming the load management mode, is a military grade track ball type.

Two working modes

The Active Weighing Mode is the default mode and uses a clear display which can be read from a distance.
The percentage of the actual loading to the set maximum allowed load is represented in a coloured bar-graph.

The Load Management Mode shows all default information as well as customer and product details.
Programming and pre-selection are also done in this mode.