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Beltload - Weighing system for conveyor belts

The modular Beltload design is simple and yet very versatile. The Beltload fits most size of conveyors. The design is easy to install on nearly all stationary and portable conveyors. Calibration is done with a push of a button, using static test weights or test material.

The Beltload load cells are OIML certified. The expected inaccuracy or margin of error for a single roll weighing system +/- 0,5%.For a double roll system +/- 0,25. The accuracy is based on a loading rate of between 25 and 100% of design capacity, provided calibrated according to the guidelines of the installation book.
The accounting unit includes an advanced microprocessor and easy to read 4 line, 20 character display. Output is equipped with an RS232 communication port, the external display, printers, or other serial connected devices can send. The data storage software provides a data read-out on-site or over the Internet.