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Rail wheels supplied off the shelf or to specifications

Due to the wide range of rail wheels we keep in stock, we guarantee fast delivery. The rail wheels have standard rail profiles according to UIC15-2 appendix B3 (Suitable for ProRail). When needed, we can alter the wheels to other rail profiles in our machine shop, for example tram mix profile or profiles for regulations in other countries.
We have rail wheels in stock in various diameters, 400, 470, 600 and 700 mm, either with mounting plates or for mounting on a drive motor or an existing trolley axle etc. Wheels with a bearing bush are also available, which have a wheel diameter of 470 and 560 mm, often used for road tyre propelled machines.

High quality forged wheels

All our wheels are forged and hardened and are made from C40 steel. The advantage of forging over casting is that, due to recrystallisation of the grain they are tougher, mechanically stronger, have greater wear resistance, and there are no chances of casting cavities or defects. This decreases the chance of damage and wear on the running surface, and gives the wheels a much longer lifespan.

Special customization jobs

In case you need something very specific and we cannot modify it from an existing-shaped wheel, we can design and produce a new wheel to your specific requirements.

Axles with full braking appliance

Alongside rail wheels we produce rail axles, which include service and parking brakes to be used for trailers or other vehicles on rails. These axles are a standard for a 10 tonne capacity and the wheels have a 470 mm diameter. All axles are supplied with a pneumatic or hydraulic brake cylinder.