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Heighlics - Universal Height Limiter

This very universally usable height limiter, is simple in use and helps to prevent damages and accidents.
To calculate the height of any moving arm, we use angle indicators, specially designed to be used on hydraulic excavators. The inclinators can be fitted in any (safe) position on the particular moving arm.

Starting the height limiter is easy via the touch screen in the cabin. The maximum height can be selected by the operator and when required, be locked by means of a key switch (option). This selected maximum height. This height and the actual height are constantly shown digital, or as a percentage to each other.

Percentage read out will be in a colour changing bar graph. The actual height reached by any part or arm on the machine is constantly calculated and compared to the selected maximum height.

When this maximum height is reached, any height increasing movement of any arm of the machine is stopped (this includes excessive height reached by the attached tools) (option). All height decreasing movement remain free to operate. As an option it is possible to stop the motion through a slowdown area, to prevent over shooting or undesired motions.
Due to the fact that each arm is independently calculated, it leaves a much bigger working area than simple lift reduction systems.


  • 4,3” touch-screen display.
  • Waterproof stainless-steel angle inclinators.
  • CAN bus connections.
  • Maximum use in limited working areas.
  • Calculation of up to six variable arms.
  • Possibility to calculate and store many tools and jib extensions.
  • Laser length indicator on telescopic arms.
  • “Black-box” type datalogger.
  • Selective stopping of arms.
  • Can be fitted to new and retrofit machines.