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Thelics - Telehandler Rated Capacity Limitation

Thelics is the next generation rated capacity limiter to be fitted on telehandlers used for hoisting hanging load. 
The RCL is designed conform the European standards and safe guards the machine against instability and overloading.

The system is operated by, and informs the operator on, a 7 inch touchscreen display. He can read the actual load and the permitted load in his working position. 
He also gets information about the actual radius and the permitted radius with this load. 
It also shows the height.

A height limiter is standard included in the system. This allows the programmed maximum height to be reached.

A selection can be made from many attachment tools and each will have their own load chart.

Stainless steel angle indicators are fitted to each arm and the quick coupler. They are connected by CAN bus. The hydraulic cylinders are fitted with pressure sensors. 
With these indicators and sensors, the radius and hook load can be accurately calculated.



  • 7 “ touch screen display.
  • Waterproof stainless-steel angle indicators.
  • Programs for all different tools and extensions.
  • Standard integrated height limiter.
  • Specific customer modifications possible.
  • System is complete, including all the hydraulic modifications.
  • Fast build up time.
  • Black-box type datalogger.

TM Hoisting jib extensions 
TM access platform and modifications conform EN 280 and AS 1418.10

Nijhuis Engineering builds hoisting jibs under the trade name TM (Tele-Mast) for earth moving machines and telehandlers.
The jibextension can be supplied in all lengths. Being ridged, mechanically or hydraulically telescopic and with a fixed hook and/or winch 
The jibs are designed light but strong and supplied with all the certifications