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Whelics - Wheel loader Rated Capacity Limitation

The Whelics MkII is the latest generation of RCL’s for wheel loaders operated as a crane. This safety system conforms to EN 13000 and prevents the machine from being overloaded.
The system is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen display. This allows the operator continuedly monitoring the current load, radius, maximum load and permitted radius with that load. It can also select different lifting programs for each attachment. 

The stainless steel angle indicators are mounted on the lifting frame and quick coupler, and are CAN bus connected. Pressure sensors are fitted in the hydraulic cylinders. When a telescopic mast is used, a length indicator is fitted to the mast sections. The system can this accurately calculate the radius and hook load.

Because of the inhouse design and production, the lines are short, quick set-up is possible and customer-specific requirements can be met.

Hose break protection systems

In conjunction with the Whelics, an electronic hose break protection (ESVB) is fitted to prevent unintentional movement due to a hose rupture. This patented system is fitted by Nijhuis Engineering on all load-bearing cylinders. As an extra it can also be overridden during earthmoving work.  Because the valves are fully open or fully closed, the user will notice absolutely nothing of this system during operation.


  • 7” touch screen display.
  • Waterproof stainless steel angle indicators.
  • Programs for various attachments.
  • Standard integrated height limiter.
  • Customer specific requirements possible.
  • System is complete including the hydraulic adjustments.
  • Fast build.
  • Built in “black-box “type data logger.
  • Competitively priced.