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Excavator or Hi-Rail excavator as Access Platform

The basic hi-rail platform is 360 degrees slewing round its axis with automatic and manual levelling and can reach a height of 8.5 m.

A rail crane is an excavator that has been converted in such a way that he can ride on the road and on the rails.  All the movements of the access platform can be done from the platform with a radio remote control.  All the  safety important movements and monitoring are redundant.

Widely applicable
Advantage of the almost complete rotation of the tray is the convenience to be able to come along side or even behind the electric power posts  while the crane is on rails. Assuming a maximum floor height of approximately 8.5 meters can be worked almost ten meters from the centre of the machine. In most cases it is more than sufficient, when it is not  the machine is not limited to the track. Also, construction and maintenance of, and in sheds etc., are among the use of this combination.